Catching up with Larissa Papenmeier

Catching up with Larissa Papenmeier

June 24, 2019

by Gjermund Frostad
Photos by
Eric Laurijssen

Name: Larissa Papenmeier
Instagram: @lare423
Residence: Bünde, Germany
Bikes for 2019: Yamaha YZ 250F
Classes for 2019: WMX, German Ladies Cup, international races  

What is your favorite track/course?
Águeda/ Portugal

MX/Enduro rider you admire most and why.
Stefan Everts because he is a consequent rider with respect and a really good character. I love his riding style.

Your proudest race moment.
WMX win in Arco/ Italy 2018 and red plate holder.

What are your race day meals?

Pre-race rituals you have.
I speak to my dog <laughs>

What is your best memory from a race?
When I crossed the finish line in Arco 2018 and I knew that I won the GP and got the red plate.

Off-track activities/hobbies
Snowboarding, MTB

What do you love most about this sport?
The adrenalin you have in your blood. I love the starts and battling with other riders. And of course winning races is something I love the most. ;)

Goals for the 2019 season
World champion

Here is some recent press on Larissa:

Your list of sponsors: Yamaha Germany, Shoei, Maciag Offroad, Ethen, Ortema, BRC, Twin Air, Bergos, Dieter Böhse, Germerica deals , Gigga Grafics, Gerdemann, Hein, deutsche Sporthilfe, MXP, ADAC OWL, Bogo, Christian Wolf, TCX, Tim Müller, Hitz GmbH, Ott, KYB, qbrands, visualz, FXR, Bridgestone 

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